Sunday, August 2, 2009


So we've been getting 3lbs of peaches for a couple weeks now at the CSA.

The NYT had some recipes with roasted peaches. I'm not recipe follower but I tried roasting them with onions and beets with just salt and olive oil and then with some rice. Not bad but not quite what I was expecting. Better if you can get the skin off.
I cared less for the peaches when roasted with yellow/green squash.

I've found peaches and raisins make a great combo! Jumbo organic raisins were great with sliced peaches in a salad or cooked with quinoa, cinnamon, cumin, and garlic.

The CSA garlic was incredible, big and potent…a single clove was actually too much. I've put the extra half on my window sill to see if it will discourage mosiquotes.


  1. What an adventurous cook. How about a peach pie? That would be the best.

  2. How is your garden growing now that fall is on the way? The harvest moon will be here soon.

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